Our services (Continued)

Kit Manufacturing

Once you have accepted your customized architectural drawings, an order is released to Honest Abe Log Homes manufacturing and your log or timber frame kit is prepared for shipment to your home site. Coordination of the delivery of your kit is managed by Log and Timber Living and Honest Abe Log Homes. In preparation for the arrival of your log or timber frame kit, your builder should have all necessary building permits in place and have the site prepared for kit assembly. This includes having the foundation complete and ready for the raising of log or timber frame walls. 

Construction Dry-In

Depending on who you choose as a builder for your log or timber frame home, they MAY or MAY NOT provide construction dry-in for your home. If not, Log and Timber Living can provide this service for you. Dry-in includes stacking logs or setting timber frame walls, setting exterior windows and doors, as well as constructing heavy timber or conventional roof systems. Construction of the roof system includes the roof deck and tar paper, but NOT the actual roof surface. Installation of the roof surface will be the responsibility of your builder. Dry-in also includes construction of interior stud walls. Once the dry-in is complete, your builder may commence with installation of electrical wiring, plumbing systems, H.V.A.C. systems, wall coverings (as required), interior doors, painting and staining, trimming out the home and any other tasks as agreed upon between you and your builder.

Construction Project Management

Log and Timber Living can provide complete management of your log or timber frame home construction project. This includes coordination and oversight of the entire construction process, with many construction site visits and quality inspections, insuring timely completion of your project and keeping costs as close to within budget as possible. We will oversee all aspects of the construction process and keep you apprised of any issues that could affect the quality of your home, as well as any issues that could affect ongoing costs to maintain your home.